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ItemQuantitySpecial Notes
Bathing Suit Just in case the opportunity exists, for example in the hotel 
Camera Optional. If you bring one, make it small. 
Passport Don't forget this! 
Copy of passport Make a copy and pack it somewhere else in your luggage 
Umbrella It is likely to rain 
T-Shirts Make sure there is no Hebrew writing or Israeli symbols on them 
Sneakers We will walk a lot in Shanghai, take a pair that is comfortable to walk in and are good if it is rainy outside 
Jeans (or comfortable pants) 1-2 One or two pairs for our days walking around 
Solid white, collared, buttoned down shirt (short or long sleeve)  1-3 One for every day of the conference, if you have. (If not, either you will re-wear or we will try to wash it) 
Nice, Comfortable Pants, Slacks, or Trousers (Not Jeans or cargo pants) 1-2 One or two nice pairs for the conference 
Dress Shoes Nice shoes (but comfortable) for the conference 
Tie Any Color, Dark is preferable 
Light sweatshirt For night time if it gets chilly 
Poncho / Rainjacket (Thin) It is likely to rain 
Belt / Leg Wallet / Waist Pouch To hold your cash and important documents on your waist or leg 
Extra Glasses Optional 
Toilletries (Toothbrush, toothepaste, deodorant)   
Printout of Material This will be used for the debate round. Everyone should have their own copy.  
Medicines  If appropriate 
Showing 21 items