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Day 5

posted Jun 25, 2010, 11:25 PM by Unknown user

Dear Parents,


Today we spent most of the day in the World's fair expo.  The students really enjoyed it and preferred to see more exhibits and spend the day there, so we did.  At first we all went to the Israeli exhibition, which was very nice.  We were given VIP passes and the curator gave us a personal tour.  She explained that about 15,000 visitors come every day (there was a line around the corner).  Inside the exhibition, viewers watch (in Chinese) a 10 minute video that shows many Israeli inventions, following the theme of the expo, which is making cities and life better. I think most Israelis would find it very well done and "meragesh."


At 5pm, we took the subway to another part of the city, and there we watched an Acrobatic Troupe.  They were very impressive and the students enjoyed it very much.  We arrived back at the hotel not long ago and everyone is very tired from being on their feet all day.  


Tomorrow we are getting a tour of the "Jewish" Shanghai.  During WW2, about 30,000 Jews were given fake visas and moved to China.  Even through today there exists a Jewish community here (of about 800).  There is an Israeli that we got connected with who gives what many people described as impressive tours and explanations of the history of these Jews.  So tomorrow, from 10-2:30, we have an organized tour with him.  Otherwise, we will go to the Shanghai museum and do a little shopping.  Then we will return to the hotel early so we can pack and rest, as we need to depart for the airport on Tuesday night (China time) at 4 in the morning.  


Thank you to everybody who has responded saying that you enjoy these e-mails.  It is my pleasure.  I'll try to send one last one tomorrow night, before we leave for the airport.  Rest assured that all your children are safe and enjoying themselves very much.